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Property Sopharma Towers

Sopharma Towers


Sopharma Towers is located in the Midtown section of Sofia, at crossroad of Dragan Tsankov Blvd. and L. Stanchev Str. It is a multi-functional office Class A and retail development. It includes two office towers each of them respectively on 19 and 22 floors, which are some of the highest buildings under development in Sofia. The investor employed contemporary architectural approach with special focus on energy efficiency and corporate exterior design.


Modern Conversion Apartment in Flora Park, Sofia


Minimalism, style and understated luxury in the conversion of apartment located in Flora Park Gated Community, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Property 23 Parchevich str.

Luxurious House in Bankya


Excellent single family house for sale in gated community, Bankya, Bulgaria.

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